One Hungry Spider

One Hungry Spider

‘One Hungry Spider’ is a counting book. It also informs young readers of a day in the life of an orbweb spider.

The reader is taken from numbers 1 – 10 by means of the spider who has close encounters with his prey and his predators.

‘One Hungry Spider’, (1)
spun a web between two branches. (2)
Three birds flew close by.
The spider kept still
She did not want them to see her. (3)
…and so it continues…

Number 10 has ten noisy flies buzzing along, many of whom are caught, giving the spider a feast.

The story concludes with the spider’s web being torn and broken …
‘so the spider pulled it down and ate it.
The hungry spider is building a new web’.

  • Scholastic Australia 1982
ISBN –Paperback: