Walker Books UK 2010
Candlewick Press USA 2010



This innovative picture book is comprised of two parts
designed to be read simultaneously – one from the
left, the other from the right. Page by page, we
experience a day in the lives of two boys and their
families - one from inner city Sydney, Australia and the
other from a small, remote village in Morocco, North Africa.

These worlds couldn’t be further apart, yet with the
showing of the parallel lives of the two families, we
see a simple truth. We see that in the context of
strikingly different lifestyles, remotely different
countries, landscapes, differences of clothing and all.
The families are essentially the same. They care for
each other, they need to belong, to be loved by their
loved ones and be a part of their community.
The simple truth is that even with all these differences
we are all the same. We are the mirror of each other.

ISBN - Hardback 978-1-4063-0914-0
ISBN - Hardback 978-0-7636-4848-0 (trade USA)


2011 Children's Book Council of Australia Picture Book of the Year ('Hamlet' also won)
2011 Australian Indie Award Best children's book
2011 The English Assoc and the UK Literary Assoc 4-11 Award Best Children's          Illustrated Book (non fiction)


Mirror | The Hidden Forest | The Story Of Rosy Dock | Window
Where The Forest Meets The Sea 
| Home In The Sky | One Hungry Spider
Millicent | Grandmother  |
Grandfather | Polar | Belonging | Home